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« Since my younger age, I have always been attracted by arts in general. At school, my choices were always towards painting more than music. At that time, I discovered that I liked to create with my hands, with crayons, brushes and even plaster. In art classes, time was always flying. During these periods I was able to really let myself go.

One day my father told me that arts was leading to no future. Art is not a career but rather a hobby he said. My father’s saying influenced me to, reluctantly, choose a “real”  job, a job that will pay the bills instead of a career in arts.

I studied fashion design at Collège Marie-Victorin in Montréal, even if I was not crazy about fashion. Some creative aspects of the studies were interesting and the drawing class made me realized that I could become a designer. After a couple of semesters I realized that this environment was not for me. Expressing myself while drawing was only a minor portion of the studies. So I decided to leave the program and find another field to complete my studies.

I then studies computer graphics. I even worked in a firm for a while. Eventually I migrated to a totally different field, paving stones. Without any knowledge of the work, I started it and became quickly passionate about it. I guess I found there a way to express my artistic side. I stayed in paving for height years, I even founded my own company. Considering the very physical aspect of the job and the countless hours, I eventually realized that I would have to find something else before my jeopardizing my health. Find something else, but what?     

Between two paving seasons I decided to start to paint again, just for the pleasure of it. The moment I showed my work to my family and friends I received very positive comments and lots of support. There It Is Nathalie! You found it! This is who you are, this is your career! My first reaction was very blunt; art will not feed you nor pay the bills! After some time and deep reflections, I decided to jump in it. Why not!

When I paint, time no longer exists, I’m completely absorbed by the flow and I deeply live the present moment. My passion fills my canvas through colors and shapes. It really helps to build my self-confidence and, believe me, self-confidence is absolutely necessary in this job. To produce a painting you have to spill your gut… “

Nagie is an authentic artist, driven by instinct, passion and by the strength of her own personality. From her raw talent grows splendorous pieces filed with greatness, magnitude and frankness. Her work is aiming for the heart and touches the soul while fully expressing who she really is. 

Nagie is a very innovative and unique artist. She is definitely heading for a major artistic career.

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