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Nagie is a self-taught professional painter who draws inspiration from her fascination with humans to highlight the power of the emotions we carry. She creates characters with or without reference to offer spectators the possibility of escaping into her imagination.

Born in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Nagie is a self-taught artist Canadian who sees art as a pure and timeless expression of her emotions. She was always attracted to the arts from a young age through drawing, painting, meccano and legos. Later, she was fascinated by the work of Françoise Nielly, with her bright colors, her gigantic formats and her consistency. Above all, Nagie saw that it was possible to make a living from such a passion.


She studied fashion design at Collège Marie-Victorin then graphic design at Collège Marsan. It was by subsequently founding her own company in the field of paving stones that she was able to further develop her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. After 12 years in this field, she decided to follow the call of her heart and dive back into her artistic world in 2014. She dared to return to painting full time.


Since she began her career as a painter, Nagie has been present in several exhibitions in Montreal, Toronto and New York, both solo and in a collective. Over the years, she has built a unique artistic universe, influenced by her life experiences and the incredible encounters that have come her way, including her youth idol, Madonna in 2012 in Miami. She now dreams of traveling the world with her art to make a difference in people's hearts and lives.


His authentic and colorful figurative artistic style is inspired by human relationships, textures and architecture. When she paints, Nagie is quickly transported by a strong feeling of freedom and this is what she wants to convey through her art. For her, it is a great sharing of love, a desire to escape and the need to allow herself to dream. This is why his works arouse deep interest among the public.


Her reputation and style has grown over the years for her meticulous work and innovative vision through her intense and realistic looks. Nagie does not paint a fashion, but a timeless emotion.

‘’I go where everyone tells me it's impossible!’’

My name is Nagie
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